Used Rossignol Super 7 HD W Womens Skis A

Condition Rating: A (more info)
Ability Level: Advanced-Expert
Age Group: Adult
Terrain: Powder
Bindings: Marker Square DIN:3.0-11.0
Camber: Traditional
Dimensions: 140/112/130@170

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For the big days, the heli drops, the overnight mega-dumps, break out the Rossignol Super 7 HD W Skis. Their wide 114 mm waist is built for flotation and maneuverability through the deepest snow, yet remains nimble and fast underfoot thanks to signature Rossignol Air Tip construction. The Super 7 HDs aren't afraid of a little speed either. Rossignol's signature tech breakthrough for 16/17, Carbon Alloy Matrix, brings power, dampness and stability to the Super 7 HD W Skis, so you can step up to something heroic and be confident your skis are up to the challenge.

Product Details

Rocker Type
Powder Turn Rocker – Newly redesigned to deliver even more versatility and superior flotation. A longer, more progressively rockered tip eliminates "tip flap" in variable snow and hardpack while the tapered, more powerful tail drops into soft snow, enhancing flotation and providing effortless steering with instant speed control. Traditional camber underfoot delivers power, energy and edge grip for groomed snow performance.

Light Wood – The ultra-lightweight paulownia wood core construction reduces overall ski weight by 30% for enhanced agility, maneuverability, and control with no compromise to downhill performance.

Air Tip – A patented technology exclusive to Rossignol. The tip is filled with air for maximum lightness and built to retain torsional rigidity. The ski's weight is redistributed, freeing the tip and tail of the ski and providing greater ease, safety and versatility. The center of gravity is closer to the middle of the ski, concentrating power under the skier's feet.

Carbon Alloy Matrix – This brand new fiber is ushering in a new era of high efficiency materials. Combining extremely lightweight design with high mechanical properties, the Carbon Alloy Matrix raises the ski's performance across the board, whether in terms of grip and versatility, precision and permissiveness, or stability and maneuverability. The Carbon Alloy Matrix is the result of clever blend of carbon fiber and basalt fiber. Carbon provides boost, lightness and power transmission, while basalt contributes its shock-absorbing and stabilizing properties. Boost your skiing for a white knuckle experience!

Free VAS – A visco elastomer material that smoothes the rocker/camber transition to reduce "tip flap," increasing stability, control and snow contact in changing snow.

Minicap Sidewall – Yes, you can have both - full sidewalls underfoot for edge grip and solid performance, cap at the tips and tails for lightness and durability.


Terrain: Big Mountain, Powder
Ability Level: Advanced-Expert
Rocker Type: Rocker/Camber/Rocker
Turning Radius: Medium
Core/Laminates: Basalt, Carbon, Wood
Tail Type: Partial Twin Tip