Used Head Adapt Edge 100 Womens Ski Boots

  • Ability Level: Advanced-Expert
    Age Group: Adult
    Type: Downhill

    With a wealth of women's specific custom features, the Head Adapt Edge 100 Ski Boots provide maximum comfort and performance for intermediate through expert ladies. The Adapt Edge 100 offers three lower-leg specific features that will create a comfortable environment for muscular calves. When combined, the adjustable spoiler, Spine-Tech buckles and thermo-moldable liner will create a custom lower-leg fit necessary for all-day comfort. For the rest of the foot, adjustable boot width and flex can be utilized to fine-tune ski boot precision and power, depending on your skill level. Don't let your ski boots hold you back: the Head Adapt Edge 100's adaptive fit allows you to fine-tune the forefoot width to provide you with unparalleled fit and performance, increasing your enjoyment and progression!
    Product Details

    Head Last Measurement � The last of a ski boot, or the internal width of the boot, is one of the most important fit factors. HEAD boots, shell and liner, are built around different lasts, each tuned to match the requirements of a certain type of skier.

    Last: 2100cc � The benchmark in both ease of entry and riding comfort, ideal for wider and high volume feet

    Adaptive Fit Technology � Head patented mechanism in the sole which allows the user to change the width of the boot from performance to comfort with one turn of the screw.

    Forefoot Width: Dependent on Boot Size � 25.5 = 100-98 mm / 26.5 = 102-100 mm / 27.5 = 104-102 mm

    Easy Entry Shell Design � Located in the throat of the boot, 4 channels are cut into the plastic to reduce the thickness of the material and thus provide smoother entry and better wrapping to the foot.

    Adjustable Rear Spoiler � Height adjustable spoiler increases rearward support as it's raised.

    Stiffer/Softer Flex Adjustment � An adjustment placed on the spine of the cuff to select between a stiffer or softer flex depending on snow condition and level of skiing.

    Women's Perfect Fit HP Liner w/ Fleece � Perfect Fit is a liner made entirely from a special blend of PE and EVA thermo-formable material that adapts to the individual foot and shell. The tongue is also made with thermo-formable material to complete the customization.
    Shell Materials

    Tri-Injected Energy Frame � A high performance, multi-density shell that optimizes easy entry, foot wrapping, comfort and energy transmission. Energy Frame construction reinforces the shell structure, increasing boot stability and performance.

    Shell / Cuff � Polyurethane / SL

    Double Canting (Alignment)

    4 Micro-adjustable Spine-Tech alloy buckles � Spine-Tech buckles feature a constant traction closure point. This translates into a reduction in pressure points, an increased overlap between shell flaps, more comfort, and more precision.

    2 Double Power levers � An added leverage point gives you twice the closure power

    Supermacro Ratchet � An adjustable, ratcheted toothplate that provides 28 mm of calf-adjustment.
    Power Strap

    30 mm velcro strap

    SoftWalk Heel + Grip System � Head patented cushion positioned in the heel for shock absorption and smoother heel strike, without compromising performance. The Grip System is a rubber insert which provides grip for walking on slippery surfaces.

    Sport frame Footbed

    Ski Boot Flex: Stiff
    Flex Index: 100
    Forefoot Width: 102 mm
    Number of Buckles: 4

  • What size of ski boots should I buy?

    Boots that fit well are a key part of good ski setup. Selecting a proper size is essential for both comfort and performance. Listed below are some helpful tips and a conversion chart to get you started with selecting your size.


    How do I measure my foot?

    The easiest method of measuring is to lay a piece of paper or cardboard down on the ground in a flat, level, area. While standing, place your foot on top of the paper and trace the outside of your foot. You can then measure the tracing from the back of the heel to the longest part of the toe. We recommend measuring in centimeters for the most accurate measurement however, if you need to measure in inches you can convert to centimeters by multiplying your measurement by 2.54.


    How do I choose the right size?

    If your centimeter measurement falls between two sizes round up to the closest mondopoint size. For example a 26.73cm would round up to a 27.0 mondopoint or a 26.32 would round up to a 26.5 mondopoint. We do NOT recommend using the conversion chart based on street shoe size. Due to the inconsistent sizing of shoe manufacturers this is not an accurate method of sizing and should only be used if absolutely necessary.

    Recreational Fit: For skiers that are more conservative on the slopes or don't ski many days per year and are looking for a spacious fit to maximize comfort. It is generally best to choose a size slightly above your mondopoint measurement. We do not recommend choosing a size that is more than one size above your mondopoint measurement.
    Performance Fit: For skiers that ski fast and aggressive on a variety of steep, technical, terrain. If you are looking for the most power transfer and want the best performance with a tight, precise fit. It is generally best to select right at your mondopoint measurement or slightly below.

    (Centimeter Measurement)

    Men (US Size)

    Women (US Size)

    Junior/Youth (US Size)




    J8 (Jr.)




    J8 (Jr.)




    J9 (Jr.)




    J9 (Jr.)




    J10 (Jr.)




    J11 (Jr.)




    J12 (Jr.)




    J13 (Jr.)




    J13.5 (Jr.)




    Y1 (Youth)




    Y2 (Youth)




    Y3 (Youth)




    Y4 (Youth)




    Y4.5 (Youth)




    Y5 (Youth)




    Y5.5 (Youth)




    Y6 (Youth)




    Y6.5 (Youth)




    Y7 (Youth)




    Y7.5 (Youth)




    Y8 (Youth)


















































    Unfortunately ski boots will never be as comfortable or fit the same as a street shoe no matter how well they fit simply due to the materials they are made of and how they are manufactured. Remember that the conversion chart is approximate and this information is only meant to be a starting point. With slight variances from one boot model to another and every persons foot being unique we cannot guarantee that choosing a size solely based on this guide will result in a perfectly fit boot.

  • How much is shipping?

    We offer free ground shipping on domestic orders over $200.00. For any order less than $200.00 shipping is charged on a per item basis. The cost can be calculated during checkout. All orders that qualify for free shipping are shipped at the discretion of Galactic Snow Sports. Larger orders that are deemed a bulk order will NOT be eligible for free ground shipping.


    How long does it take for my order to ship?

    Orders are processed the next business day after they are submitted. Most orders will typically leave our warehouse within 1-2 business days, business days do not include weekends and major holidays. Additional services such as tune-ups will add an additional 1-2 business days of processing time.


    How long will it take for my order to arrive?

    Transit time will vary depending on your location and selected shipping method. Once your order leaves our warehouse you will receive an email notification with your tracking number. You can then track your package and see the estimated delivery date.


    Can I have my order shipped express?

    We do offer express shipping methods for 3 day, 2 day, and 1 day delivery services. You can select from these options on the checkout page.


    Does Galactic Snow Sports offer international shipping?

    We currently offer international shipping to Canada only. International orders are not eligible for free shipping promotions. For ALL international shipments please be aware that there are local duties, taxes, and brokerage on your purchase. These are not fees charged by Galactic Snow Sports therefore we are unable to provide an amount prior to purchase. It is suggested that you check with your local international shipping fulfillment companies for an estimate.


    Do you have a store that I can shop or pickup orders at?

    Unfortunately we do not have a retail store and do not offer local pickup. All orders must be placed via our website and will be shipped from our warehouse location to you.

    What do I do if my package was damaged, lost, or stolen?

    These are not common occurrences but they do happen. In the event that a package is damaged in transit, lost, or stolen, please contact us as soon as possible. We will notify the shipping company and they will let us know how to proceed.


  • Conditions

    New - A brand new item that has never been used on the slopes. Manufacturers packaging may be damaged or not included. New items may have been used as display units or are past seasons closeout items. They may have slight cosmetic damage including minor scratches, scuffs, or dust from being stored in a warehouse setting.

    Used - All used products have been used in a rental or demo fleet. Please use the rating scale and example images below for a reference of what condition our used skis and snowboards will be in. Used items such as boots, snowboard bindings, poles, or helmets do not have individual condition ratings as they will all show different levels of cosmetic wear and tear. All used items that do not have individual ratings will have signs of use such as scratches, scuffs, scrapes, and wear from normal use. This will not effect the performance of the product. All used items without an individual condition rating will be fully functional unless otherwise specified.



    AA - “AA” rated gear will show little to no cosmetic wear. This is the closest you can get to new without actually being new.

    • Little to no cosmetic blemishes approximately ½ inch in size or less, cosmetic wear will not impact performance.
    • Has seen little to no use
    • Very light scratches, scuffs, or chips on the top sheet
    • Very light scratches or grooves on the base or edges
    • Very light scratches or scuffs on bindings if applicable
    • Rental identifiers such as bar codes, rental crayon, or stickers

    A - “A” rated gear will show minor cosmetic wear. This gear has had limited use on the slopes.

    • Multiple cosmetic blemishes 2 inches in size or less, cosmetic wear will not impact performance.
    • Has seen minor use
    • Light scratches, scuffs, or chips on the top sheet
    • Light scratches or grooves on the base or edges
    • Light scratches or scuffs on the bindings if applicable
    • Rental identifiers such as bar codes, rental crayon, or stickers

    B – “B” rated gear will show moderate cosmetic wear. This gear has had moderate use on the slopes over multiple seasons.

    • Multiple cosmetic blemishes 3 inches in size or less, cosmetic wear will not impact performance.
    • Has seen moderate use
    • Moderate scratches, scuffs, or chips on the top sheet
    • Moderate scratches, grooves, or dings on the base or edges
    • Moderate scratches, scuffs, or chips on the bindings if applicable
    • Base may have p-tex patches
    • Rental identifiers such as bar codes, rental crayon, or stickers

    C – “C” rated gear will show substantial cosmetic wear. This gear has had heavy use one the slopes over multiple seasons. May be missing non-essential parts like tip protectors or top sheet adornments.

    • Multiple substantial cosmetic blemishes 6 inches in size or less, cosmetic wear will not impact performance.
    • Has seen heavy use
    • Substantial scratches, scuffs, or chips on the top sheet
    • Substantial scratches, grooves, or dings on the base or edges
    • Substantial scratches, scuffs, or chips on the bindings if applicable
    • Base may have p-tex patches
    • Rental identifiers such as bar codes, rental crayon, or stickers

    D– “D” rated gear will show severe cosmetic wear and/or damage that will lessen the lifespan or usability of the item. This gear will have issues that will need some sort of attention or repair before being able to perform normally on the slopes. If you are really stretching a budget, looking for a beater set of skis or board, or want to try your hand at tuning, these are a cheap and effective way to do so. May be missing non-essential parts like tip protectors or top sheet adornments. Items with a rating of “D” are not eligible for returns.
    • Multiple severe cosmetic blemishes of various size
    • Has seen excessive use
    • Item has damage that renders it difficult to use as is
    • Will require repair or service to perform normally
    • Substantial scratches, scuffs, or chips on the bindings if applicable
    • Rental identifiers such as bar codes, rental crayon, or stickers