Silver Tune Up (base and edge tune)

This service is for one pair of skis or one snowboard. If you have multiple skis/snowboards that you would like to have tuned you will need to purchase one per item.

Our mid level tune up offering that will service the base and edges of skis or snowboards. Our technicians start with a pre-grind of the base to smooth out the rough spots and to grind out smaller nicks and scratches in the base. Then its on to a finishing grind to add new structure to the base material. This is followed up by an edge grind to get rid of any residual rust build up, remove any nicks or burrs on the edges, and bring them back to a sharp corner. Finally the base is ran over a buffing belt to buff the surface.

This is a base grind and edge sharpen only service, waxing and p-tex repair is not included. Please see our gold tune up for more comprehensive service.

The silver tune up includes:

- Base pre-grind

- Base finishing grind

- Edge grind

- Edge sharpen

- Base buffing