New K2 Yeah Yeah Womens Snowboard Bindings

Age Group: Adult
Hole Pattern: 4x4
Hole Pattern: Burton 3D

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Size S fits US W3-W6 boots
Yeah yeah the women's K2 Yeah Yeah Snowboard Bindings are pretty amazing. With a smooth, flexible Tweekback™, this binding is designed to provide agile possibilities while maintaining crucial heel side support. Get technical on rails yet still land heavy hits with style and comfort. Join this tweeked out party and see for yourself. Product Details Flex Flex Rating: 3 (1 Soft - 10 Very Stiff) – A medium flex for intermediate to advance riders looking to progress Baseplate A-Line GF – One-piece design for lightweight performance // Fiberglass reinforced nylon material // Dialed in flex for female riders // Tool-less power ramp Canted Seamless EVA Footbed – Angled inward at 3 degrees for a natural leg stance during riding. Added support on the outside of foot provides improved control and better pop. The poly-carbonate tool-less Pop Top Disc Cover makes it easy to access the disc mount and screws while preventing snow-build up. Tool-less adjust power ramp Multi-compatible disc Straps Women's Custom Caddie – Super cush performance // Ladder cover // Durable PU laminate // Fully contoured 3D shape fits the boot perfectly // Narrower waist profile for freer flex // Tool-less Cam lock centering Hinge Mount (K2 Patented) – Provides easy entry and exit from the bindings by allowing the ankle strap to move freely away from the footbed Cam Lock - Center Adjusting – Tool-less and secure adjustment allows you to precisely center your straps with ease and speed Tool-Less Universal Toe Strap – Wear it over the toe or on top of your boot // Cored for a lightweight and secure fit over the toe // Tool-less cam-lock adjust Mega RADchet – Aluminum lever // Large release levers for easy outs EZ Feed Ratchet – A wider, tapered ladder opening allows for easy entry Highback Women's Tweekback™ – Urethane freestyle flex and tweakability // Women's specific lightweight design // Thermo-formed EVA calfpad // Tool-less forward lean Specs Ability Level: Intermediate-Advanced Flex Rating: Medium Binding Style: Strap