Used K2 Omni Sport Skis B

Condition Rating: B (more info)
Ability Level: Beginner-Intermediate
Age Group: Adult
Terrain: All Mountain
Bindings: Tyrolia SP 10 DIN: 3.0-10
Camber: Traditional
Dimensions: 101/70/97

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The Omni Sport is simply a performance bargain for the intermediate skier. The intermediate ski has to turn easily and give the skier some help in finishing turns and getting their speed under control. Many intermediate skis will do that job fairly well. Where sometimes an intermediate will get shortchanged is stability and energy. This is where the Omni absolutely shines. While it has a smooth, damp feel like all K2s, the Omni also has some zip. When the intermediate is feeling confident, and applies some pressure to the tip, the Omni will reward him with a nice energetic little snap, to help get the next turn going. This little feel of liveliness is something that many skis at this level lack. (As a rule, we just don't buy those skis) If it seems like every time you ski you feel even more confident, the Sport's durable fir core and proven Torsion Box construction will easily boost your skiing to the next level.The skis do have various scratches but nothing that is major. A basic tune up will do the job of shinning them up. The picture showen is a representation of the ski you will get. This item is in bulk. You will recieve the same make, model, year, color, and close to the same condition.