Binding Sizing

Why does binding sizing matter?

It is important to ensure that the boots and bindings you intend to use together will be compatible. This goes for both ski and snowboard boots and bindings.

How do I know what size ski bindings I need?

Most of the used skis in our inventory include demo style bindings that are already mounted on the skis. Demo style bindings are adjustable in order to accommodate most boot sizes. There are some exceptions such as if your boot size is very large (US 13+) or if the boot size is very small in comparison to your chosen ski length.


How can I tell if my boots will fit the skis I want?

If you already own boots or plan on purchasing boots elsewhere and want to check compatibility with one of our skis please contact us and have your boot sole length ready. The boot sole length is the length of the outer shell of the boot from heel to toe NOT the boot size. A boots sole length is typically shown as a three digit millimeter number on the outside of the boot, usually around the heel. We cannot confirm compatibility without the boot sole length.


What does DIN mean?

The DIN setting listed on ski bindings is a scale used in the ski industry to determine the amount of force required to release the boot from the binding. This is usually indicated as a range (ex. DIN: 3-10) and is not to be confused with a boot size range. This setting should be determined, adjusted, and tested, by a certified ski binding technician. This is not something you should set yourself and we cannot offer any guidance in ski binding setup. Most adults will fall within the standard DIN range on a majority of the bindings that come mounted on adult skis.


How do I know what size snowboard bindings I need?

Snowboard binding sizing will vary between manufacturers and models. Each binding size will generally fit a range of boot sizes (ex. Small 4-6) In most cases the sizing guide will be included in the product description. If it is not listed in the product description you can consult with the manufacturers sizing guide for the particular model you are interested in or contact us to verify sizing.