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Used Rossignol Trick Stick 2011 Men's Snowboard

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Used Rossignol Trick Stick 2011 Men's Snowboard

MSRP: $350.00
Sale: $129.99
Condition: Used
Topsheet rating: 3-Average (?)
Base rating: 3-Average (?)

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Manufacturer: Rossignol
Model: Trick Stick
Color: Multi
Dimensions: -
Terrain: Freestyle, Freeride
Target rider: Intermediate-Advanced

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The Rossignol Trickstick Amptek Rocker Snowboard is a true twin ride with the AmpTek AutoTurn camber for extreme maneuverability. With stiffer tips for powerful ollies, a softer waist for control in parks and on rails, and its overall softer flex, itís perfect to learn and progress on for entry to intermediate freestyle riders but also happens to be perfect for pro level loose riders too.

Product Details

Flex Flex Rating: 6 (1 Soft Ė 10 Stiff) This freestyle boardís true twin shape features a perfectly symmetrical nose and tail plus centered inserts to give you a consistent feel when youíre riding switch, and the slightly stiffer flex rating of 6 is perfect for the rider who likes a little more response. Construction and Core

The Wood 6420 core features 6420 cross-weave fiberglass wrapped around a vertically laminated wood core that gives you durability and performance without breaking the bank. Patented AmpTek technology integrates reversed camber tips into a regular cambered board (between the feet), extending the sidecut radius to go all the way to the tip kicks so that this camber-to-reversed-camber construction guarantees faster transitions, more pop, smoother landings, increased floatation, more grip, more edge pressure and more control.

Shape The deep progressive radius gets progressively longer as you move towards the nose, but it is centered and very short between the feet for instant reactivity and a consistent feel when riding switch

Amptek Rocker Camber: No matter what your friends tell you, Rossignolís Amptek Rocker is for everyone. This innovative technology makes riding easier, and when we say easier we mean everything from the park to the pow. Amptek Rocker is a negative arch (like the bottom of a rocking chair) board profile with the lowest points between the bindings and highest point towards the tip and tail. This not only lets you glide effortlessly through powder, pop huge off your ollies, and stay stable as you huck off jumps, Rossignolís Amptek Rocker lets you hold your edge and initiate turns like it was nothing.

Base The Rossignol Trickstick Mid Wide Amptek Rocker Snowboard features an extruded 3300 base.


Terrain: Freestyle, Freeride Ability Level: Intermediate-Advanced Rocker Type: Rocker Core/Laminates: Wood

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Used Rossignol Trick Stick 2011 Men's Snowboard
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