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Used Performance 2014 Volkl Aurena Skis with Bindings

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Used Performance 2014 Volkl Aurena Skis with Bindings

MSRP: $695.00
Sale: $179.99
Condition: Used
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Tip Rocker - An early-rise tip design. The combination of an early rise tip and a classic camber profile in the rest of the ski provides easy, smooth turn entry regardless of conditions. In softer snow the ski is incredibly forgiving, floats better, and requires less energy to ride.

Bio-Logic Flex - Völkl engineers carefully match the flex of all Bio-Logic models to work in synergy with proper stance and geometry. Stiffer in the front of the ski for quick turn initiation, and softer in the tail for easy turn exit, the Bio-Logic flex enhances flex distribution and gives the skier the ultimate in comfort and control. The new Essenza models now incorporate tip rocker in their flex patterns.

Bio-Logic Sidecut - Bio-Logic sidecut shapes are wider in the tip, and narrower in the tail than unisex skis, featuring a specific, progressive design that has a tighter radius in the front of the ski and a longer radius toward the tail. The narrower tail allows the skier to finish the turn with less effort, reducing the load on the knees. Rocker makes the overall ride smoother and more maneuverable regardless of snow conditions.

Wood Core - A central member surrounded by PU, Wood Core provides stable, lively performance for improving novice and intermediate skiers.

Bio-Logic Stance - Bio-Logic models with rocker now utilize the profile of the ski to create a more level stance. This allows the stance to be adjusted without adding an extra spacer in the binding. Bio-Logic allows you to ski without overloading of the quad muscles, making your skiing more relaxed and enjoyable.

XTD Progressive Technology - XTD Progressive Technology features a unique 3D design that stabilizes the front of the ski and transfers power toward the mid-body, for a comfortable ride and easy balance. This construction is very stable and easy to handle. The softer Progressive Flex tail allows the skier to transition to the next turn with ease.

Ability Level: Beginner-Intermediate

Tip/Waist/Tail Width, mm: 120/75/105 - All Lengths
Turning Radius, m: 10.6 @ 141cm; 11.4 @ 147cm; 12.8 @ 153cm; 13.7 @ 159cm; 15.2 @ 166cm

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Used Performance 2014 Volkl Aurena Skis with Bindings