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Used Performance 2014 Salomon Quest 120 Ski Boots

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Used Performance 2014 Salomon Quest 120 Ski Boots

MSRP: $549.99
Sale: $179.99
Condition: Used

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Manufacturer: Salomon
Model: Quest 120
Flex: 120
Color: Black Grey Yellow
Gender: men

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High performance all-mountain boot with magnesium Backbone technology combines proven Salomon's skiing performance with comfortable hiking and walking.

Mono-material PU upper cuff- polyurethane: material with consistent density that facilitates progress on-snow without effort; shiny, durable, dynamic & abrasion resistant
Mono-material PU lower shell-Polyurethane: material with consistent density that facilitates progress on-snow without effort; shiny, durable, dynamic & abrasion resistant
Waterproof gusset-PVC piece between the lower shell's overlap & the forefoot hood, sealing out snow and water Extended rubber sole
Ride & Hike technology-Salomon patented system combining the backbone release with a specific V-cut shape on the back of the lower shell. Allows wide rear cuff opening when hiking (Backbone unlocked) & true alpine forward flex when skiing down (Backbone locked) because the backside of the backbone fits precisely into the V-cut lower shell
Single canting-Canting enables cuff alignment to the skier's lower leg shape. Single canting allows the cuff to be moved towards the interior.
Heel and toe removable din pads-Heel & toe pads can be replaced when worn out
Racing spoiler-A reinforced spoiler to improve strongly the back support of the boot, able to support the big efforts of the World Cup Racers
Forward pressure plate-Optional plate that can be affixed to the inside front of the upper cuff, improving pressure distribution on the shin and adding power to forward flex
Backbone release-Taken from the X3 Lab, Magnesium piece linking the cuff to the shell providing solid back support & rebound and a progressive forward flex when locked. When unlocked for hiking, releases the cuff on the back for a wider opening and easier hell to toe transition
My Custom Fit Pro-Maximum customization with 3 layers of thermoformable foam on the ankle, heel, meta, tongue & sole for perfect comfort & transmission
Quicklace-Thanks to laces on the liner, the envelopment of your foot is perfectly homogeneous for a great driving precision. It allows you to guaranty a good and comfortable foothold without closing the shell too hard.
Biovent-The very first breathable liner in a ski boot to keep feet warm all day. This technology helps regulate body temperature thanks to a multilayer construction inspired from apparel.
3 micro alu buckles-3 micro alu minimum buckles, lighter than tranditional buckles and articulated for a better comfort while hiking. To micro adjust the length of the buckles for a precise and personalized closure, just turn the lever. Alu buckle : more resistant & richer finish
Heel cushioning system-A shock absorbing sole made from special materials absorbs shocks when landing jumps
SCS (Salomon Cushioning System)-A New generation of Toes cuhioning for riders made of a soft insert on the shell and an oversize liner toe cushioning to ensure protection of the toes while landing big air
- Best use - Downhill skiing
- Skill level - Advanced
- Boot design - All-mountain
- Ski boot flex - Stiff
- Flex index 120

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Used Performance 2014 Salomon Quest 120 Ski Boots
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  J6 13
  J7 14
  J8 15
  J9 16
  J10 17
  J11 17.5
  J12 18.5
  J13 19.5
  J13.5 20
  Y1 20.5
  Y2 21
  Y3 21.5
W5 Y4 22
W5.5 Y4.5 22.5
W6 Y5 23
W6.5 M5.5 23.5
W7 M6 24
W7.5 M6.5 24.5
W8 M7 25
W8.5 M7.5 25.5
W9 M8 26
W9.5 M8.5 26.5
W10 M9 27
W10.5 M9.5 27.5
W11 M10 28
W11.5 M10.5 28.5
W12 M11 29
  M11.5 29.5
  M12 30
  M12.5 30.5
  M13 31
  M13.5 31.5
  M14 32
  M14.5 32.5
  M15 33
  M15.5 33.5
  M16 34