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Used Performance 2014 Nordica Hell & Back H2 Women Ski Boots

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Used Performance 2014 Nordica Hell & Back H2 Women Ski Boots

MSRP: $599.99
Sale: $219.99
Condition: Used

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Manufacturer: Nordica
Model: Hell & Back H2
Color: White
Gender: women

Size Chart
The Nordica Hell & Back H2 W Ski Boots are an ideal fit for the advanced all-mountain skier looking to explore all parts of the mountain. The Hell & Back H2 Boots fit an average width foot, and the 100 flex is beefy without being overpowering. Nordica's TRIAX shell construction uses a proprietary composition that ensures lighter weight, and the Full Shock Eraser lessens vibrations so your feet stay happy all day.
Medium Fit - 100 mm last
Easy Entry - A combined liner and shell design that eliminates the “throat” of the boot allows for easy entry no matter the conditions on the hill or in the lodge.

Dynamic Performance Code 100-2-M - 100 is on the stiff side of Nordica’s high performance women's boots. // 2x (progression) - the boot stiffness almost doubles at the deepest flexing point. // Medium (rebound) returns the boot at a high rate for quick turns and edge change.
Adjustable Flex - With an on the fly adjustable flex, you can dial in your boots' flex for any condition. Want a little softer flex to tackle the moguls or a stiffer ride for hardpack corduroy? No problem for the Hell & Back, NRGY and Belle Adjustable Flex.

New PFP Precision Fit liner with 3D Tech Fur / Fur - New hand-stitched liners designed for improved comfort and performance with increased toe area box for enhanced circulation and warmth.
Shell Materials
TRIAX - Triax is an ABS (acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene)-Nylon alloy. This advanced polypropylene formula exclusive to Nordica provides a 25% shell and cuff weight reduction compared to any other high performance or race boot on the market. TRIAX has a more consistent behavior within a wide range of temperatures and is easily workable by boot fitters.

Single Cuff Alignment
Four ALU Buckles, Easy Adjust upper
Power Strap
35 mm Velcro Strap
Full Shock Eraser Boot Board - Strategically placed foam padding to erase impact on the heel, toe, calves and shin while never effecting boot performance.

Additional Features
Weather Shield - An overlap system integrated into the shell provides a full waterproof feature to prevent water from leaking into the boot. And as we all know, dry feet are warm and comfortable feet

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Used Performance 2014 Nordica Hell & Back H2 Women Ski Boots
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Mondo Point
  J6 13
  J7 14
  J8 15
  J9 16
  J10 17
  J11 17.5
  J12 18.5
  J13 19.5
  J13.5 20
  Y1 20.5
  Y2 21
  Y3 21.5
W5 Y4 22
W5.5 Y4.5 22.5
W6 Y5 23
W6.5 M5.5 23.5
W7 M6 24
W7.5 M6.5 24.5
W8 M7 25
W8.5 M7.5 25.5
W9 M8 26
W9.5 M8.5 26.5
W10 M9 27
W10.5 M9.5 27.5
W11 M10 28
W11.5 M10.5 28.5
W12 M11 29
  M11.5 29.5
  M12 30
  M12.5 30.5
  M13 31
  M13.5 31.5
  M14 32
  M14.5 32.5
  M15 33
  M15.5 33.5
  M16 34