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Used Head i.Supershape Rally 2016 Men Skis with Bindings

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Used Head  i.Supershape Rally 2016 Men Skis with Bindings

MSRP: $1,100.00
Sale: $449.99
Condition: Used
Topsheet rating: 3-Average (?)
Base rating: 2-Poor (?)

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Manufacturer: Head
Model: i.Supershape Rally
Dimensions: 131/76/109@170cm
Bindings: 131/76/109@170cm
Terrain: Carving
Target skier: Advanced-Expert

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The iSupershape Rally Ski is the younger brother to the Titan in that its the same ski, just a tad narrower with a 76mm waist instead of 80mm. If you find that you have the most fun going as fast as possible down groomed runs, this ski is a great choice. It has a great sidecut and will hold up impeccably on those fresh corduroy runs. This ski also features Era 3.0 early rise, so if there's a bit of fresh snow, the ski will float and push through that crud without a doubt.
Ideal Target Skier: Hard Pack Racer: When maximum speed is needed for racing or just to get some wind blowing through your hair (even though you should be wearing a helmet), these guys and girls look for the stiffer and more stable models. No real need to concern yourself with off trail performance, because these skiers think of the groomed runs as being surrounded by hot lava.
Wood Core: The standard core which has throughout time provided the best performance and durability. Each model may have it's own density level to help define flex and maximum speed but every wood core ski will be solid.
Head Kers Technology: Originating in Formula 1 and putting our riders where they belong: in pole. KERS Technology works like a turbo charger that provides additional power and acceleration by stiffening the tail of the ski in outturns.
Era 3.0 Rocker/Camber: Head combines Rocker for flotation in soft snow, a progressive radius for better edge contact and grip, and shock absorption to dampen vibrations.
UHM C Base: The most durable, quickest base material on the market. It requires very little maintenance and allows your skis to do what they are made to do until you decide you've hit so many rocks that it needs a tune.
Sandwich Construction (SW): SW means that the sides of the skis are a vertical wall rather the the rounded Cap construction forund on most skis. Since none of the skis material needs to be exerting force maintaining shape at the edges, SW skis are stiffer than their Cap counterparts. Most people find SW skis to be damper, that is more glued to the snow, superior at high speed GS turns and top notch at busting through crud or choppy snow.

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Used Head i.Supershape Rally 2016 Men Skis with Bindings
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