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Check out our FAQ tabs on the left hand side for some quick answers to our customers most frequently asked questions.


Nope, no catch. We purchase huge quantities of inventory at a time and we pass our savings on to you! Our goal is to empty our warehouse at the end of the ski season and in order to do that our inventory is priced to sell. We want to get as many people out on the slopes as possible without breaking the bank.
There are various factors that can cause a price change on a particular item. The most common reasons are changes in inventory, sizing, condition, or if we are running a promotion or sale.


IMPORTANT! The sizes below are for reference only. We strongly suggest you get at least one size bigger than your street shoe size. For example if you wear US mens size 9 we recommend you buy ski boots size 10. The reason behind this suggestion is that most beginner or intermediate riders are more focus on comfort than performance. If you are an avid skier and have a known or preferred size please disregard this suggestion and chose your preferred size.

This is the cross table that we use to convert mondo point sizing to US sizing on ski boots if they don't already have US size. Also you can measure your foot in inches or centimeters and find your shoe size:

US Youth/Mens UK Euro
15 5 14/16 - 8 jr 7 uk 25
16 6 5/16 - 9 jr 8 uk 26
17 6 11/16 - 10 jr 9 uk 27
17.5 6 14/16 - 11 jr 10 uk 28
18.5 7 5/16 - 12 jr 11 uk 29
19.5 7 11/16 - 13 jr 12 uk 30.5
20 7 14/16 - 13.5 jr 13 uk 31
20.5 8 1/16 - 1 yth 13.5 uk 32
21 8 4/16 - 2 yth 1 uk 33
21.5 8 8/16 - 3 yth 2 uk 34
22 8 11/16 5 wm 4 yth 3 uk 35
22.5 8 14/16 5.5 wm 4.5 yth 3.5 uk 36
23 9 1/16 6 wm 5 yth 4 uk 36.5
23.5 9 4/16 6.5 wm 5.5 mn 4.5 uk 37
24 9 6/16 7 wm 6 mn 5 uk 38
24.5 9 9/16 7.5 wm 6.5 mn 5.5 uk 38.5
25 9 12/16 8 wm 7 mn 6 uk 39
25.5 10 8.5 wm 7.5 mn 6.5 uk 40
26 10 3/16 9 wm 8 mn 7 uk 40.5
26.5 10 6/16 9.5 wm 8.5 mn 7.5 uk 41
27 10 9/16 10 wm 9 mn 8 uk 42
27.5 10 12/16 10.5 wm 9.5 mn 8.5 uk 42.5
28 11 11 wm 10 mn 9 uk 43
28.5 11 3/16 11.5 wm 10.5 mn 9.5 uk 44
29 11 6/16 12 wm 11 mn 10 uk 44.5
29.5 11 9/16 - 11.5 mn 10.5 uk 45
30 11 12/16 - 12 mn 11 uk 45.5
30.5 12 - 12.5 mn 11.5 uk 46
31 12 3/16 - 13 mn 12 uk 47
31.5 12 6/16   13.5 mn 12.5 uk  
32 12 9/16   14 mn 13 uk  
32.5 12 12/16   14.5 mn 13.5 uk  
33 13   15 mn 14 uk  
33.5 12 3/16   15.5 mn 14.5 uk  
34 12 6/16   16 mn 15 uk  
This sizing chart will help you with choosing the correct length ski. This is a general sizing chart to help skiers choose an appropriate ski for themselves. If you are an experienced skier and have a preferred size please select accordingly. Alternatively, if you are unsure of your sizing and would like some additional help on finding the right ski for you, please contact one of our gear experts. We are always happy to help!

GalacticSnowSports Adult and Kids ski size chart

Ski Pole Size Chart


Pole Length Inches

Pole Length Centimeters

6'7" +



6'4" - 6'6"



6'1" - 6'3"



5'10" - 6'0"



5'7" - 5'9"



5'4" - 5'6"



5'1" - 5'3"



4'9" - 5'0"



4'5" - 4'8"



4'1" - 4'4"



3'9" - 4'0"



3'5" - 3'8"



< 3'4"



For choosing the appropriate snowboard length, please refer to the chart below. Determine your weight in the right column and find your ideal length of snowboard in the left column. Snowboards come in many different lengths, and there are several different factors to consider when choosing the length of a snowboard. You should take into consideration your height, weight, where you ride, and the type of riding that you do.

Height is a factor to consider when choosing the length of a snowboard. The taller you are the wider your stance will be. So, taller people need longer boards. In most cases, when the board's tail is on the ground the board should reach somewhere between your upper chest and your nose.

Another formula that uses height to determine board length is: Your height in inches x 2.54 x .9= Board Length.

Formulas that use height to determine board length are good. Except, if you are short and heavy these formulas that use height to determine board length will tell you to use a short board. But, if you do you will sink in heavy powder. This is why weight and the terrain that you ride are also factors to consider when choosing the length of a snowboard. The chart below uses the terrain that you ride and how much you weigh to determine board length. As you can see from the chart below, where you ride will also determine what length of board you need. If you ride in hard snow you may want to use a shorter, or more average length board. Whereas if you ride in powder or deep snow you may want a longer board. A longer board will float better in the powder.

Finally, the type of riding that you do will determine what length of board you should ride. If you are a freestyler you may want a shorter board to spin faster or to maneuver better in the terrain park. But, if you freeride you may want a longer board that will go fast and ride easier in bigger terrain.

Remember that these charts and formulas are designed to give you a ballpark board length. You should use these charts and formulas to find a ballpark board length, and then demo or rent boards in that length and around that length to find a length that you are comfortable riding.

Overall, when choosing the length of a snowboard you should take into consideration your height, weight, where you ride, and the type of riding that you do.

This chart following is in reference to choosing a snowboard for use on "Small Mountains" or hard packed snow:

Length of Snowboard Weight of Rider
100cm-135cm Less than 100 lbs.
135cm to 150cm 100-130 lbs."
145cm to 155cm 120-160 lbs."
150cm and up Over 160 lbs."

The chart following is in reference to choosing a snowboard for use on "Big Mountain" where you have all snow conditions:

Length of Snowboard Weight of Rider
105cm-140cm Less than 100 lbs.
140cm to 155cm 100-130 lbs."
150cm to 160cm 120-160 lbs."
155cm and up Over 160 lbs."

The chart following is in reference to choosing a snowboard for use on "Back Country" where you have very steep, deep snow:

Length of Snowboard Weight of Rider
110cm-145cm Less than 100 lbs.
145cm to 160cm 100-130 lbs."
155cm to 170cm 120-160 lbs."
165cm to 190cm Over 160 lbs."
Helmet manufacturers are like shoe manufacturers, they all make products that fit a little differently. Please see the size charts below for size specific measurements. To measure your head correctly, measure around your head with the tape measure coming across the center of your forehead and right above both ears. For the size charts that are in centimeters, multiply the measurement of your head (in inches) by 2.54 and this will give you centimeters, then find your measurement below.

Marker Helmet Sizing Chart

20 1/2 to 20 7/8 XXS
21 1/4 to 21 5/8 XS
22 to 22 1/2 SMALL
22 7/8 to 23 1/4 MEDIUM
23 5/8 to 24 LARGE
24 1/2 XL

Giro Helmet Sizing Chart

52 to 53.5 XS
53.5 to 55.5 SMALL
55.5 to 57 MEDIUM
57 to 59 LARGE
59 to 60 XL
60.5 to 62 XXL

Leedom Helmet Sizing Chart

50 XS
56 M/L
60 XL
62 XXL


For ALL international shipments please be aware that there are duties and/or taxes associated with your purchase. These are not fees charged by therefor we are unable to provide an amount prior to purchase. It is suggested that you check with your local international shipping fulfillment companies for an estimate.

All orders that qualify for free shipping are shipped at the discretion of GalacticSnowSports. Larger orders that are deemed a bulk order will NOT be eligible for free FedEx ground shipping. Please contact us for freight estimates. Item(s) purchased usually ship out within 48-72 hours, excluding weekends and holidays via FedEx Ground. Domestic shipments may take up to 6-8 business days to arrive. FedEx does NOT consider weekends or holidays as transit days.
You get $5 OFF shipping and handling on every item added to your order after the first item(FedEx domestic ground ONLY). This discount is applied automatically to the items in your shopping cart, everyday, no coupon code necessary. Also keep an eye out for any additional shipping promotions.
In the unlikely event that an item on your order is either out of stock, or on back order you will be notified in a timely manner in regards to the issue. After being notified please contact us as soon as possible to either replace the item or remove it from the order, after the adjustments are made we will ship the order as soon as possible. *GalacticSnowSports is not responsible for any monetary losses due to delayed delivery dates.*
Once your order has been processed and packed by our shipping department you will receive an email with your tracking information. If after 3 days (72 hours) you can't track your order, or have not received an email from within 3 days (72 hours) of submitting your order, please check your spam or trash folders in your email account to verify that it was not filtered out. Please do not delete the email containing your order confirmation or tracking information. It has important information that our customer service representatives will require should they need to assist you. If you still can't find the email containing tracking information or order confirmation please contact us - there may be an issue with your order.
In order to provide a alternative method of shipment for our Canadian customers we have made USPS Priority International shipping available. With that service neither GalacticSnowSports or you will be provided with tracking information for your package. If you require tracking information with your order please select FedEx International as your shipment method and provide us with a physical address NOT a PO box and be aware of any Duties/Customs fees that will be charged with FedEx International.
We keep our product prices and shipping prices completely separate. We don't inflate our product prices to cover shipping and handling fees. S&H cost covers shipping, handling and insurance on the package for the full value via FedEx.
Since we serve such a wide customer base and have such a high volume of outgoing packages we are on a flat rate scale with our shipping partners. This keeps costs down for everyone rather than having some customers pay very high shipping costs due to their location.
In some cases we can have items that are the exact same make and model different prices for a few reasons. One is that one item is in significantly better or worse condition than the other. Despite being the same make and model the worse condition will cost less. Also if we have a very high volume of a particular size that needs to be cleared out to make room for new inventory the price may drop in comparison to other sizes.
Our prices can fluctuate on a monthly, weekly, or even daily basis depending on various factors such as volume, condition, sizing, and any discounts or promotions we are offering. Unfortunately we do not offer any retroactive pricing or rain checks on items, so get them while they are hot!
Unfortunately we don't have a showroom or retail store so we do not offer in house pickups. All orders must be placed online, they will be promptly shipped to you via our central Virginia warehouse.
The actual time for your order to arrive varies depending on your location. It will take the transit time required for delivery by FedEx plus a maximum of 3 days processing time required by Galactic Snow Sports. We guarantee that your order will leave our facility within 3days/72hours (excluding weekends and holidays) from the day your order comes in. All orders are processed the next business day after being placed. So if your order is placed on Friday, it will not be processed until the following Monday, if it is not a holiday. Transit times vary based on your location. All of our orders are shipped from central Virginia via FedEx. Please see the transit time map below and factor in the 1-3 days (order processing time) to your delivery time.


(click to enlarge)

Currently we only ship directly to the US and Canada. We reserve the right to decide not to ship certain products outside the United States.
All items we ship are insured, the price you pay for shipping and handling covers the cost of insurance. We insure all items for the full amount you pay, so you are guaranteed to receive your item or a full refund if it is damaged or lost in transit.
YES! We offer Express shipping via FedEx. Their express options are 2-Day and Next-Day shipping. Shipping rates on Ground methods to US and Canada are posted on all of our product pages.
Unfortunately we don't offer that service as all orders that are placed go through our automated ordering process and they cannot be altered.


We are sorry to hear that your item didn't work out. You will need a return authorization number that you can request using the following form. Please describe the item and the reason you are returning it along with the customers name, order number, and any other important details. We will promptly get back to you with your RA#. CONTACT FORM
Any items can be returned within 10 days of the day the order was delivered. A restocking fee will be applied to all returns. In the event that an item is returned for a refund and the minimum requirements for a coupon or discount to be valid are no longer fulfilled, all other items and charges on the order will be reverted to their regular non-discounted amounts. This includes items being returned that would result in an order no longer meeting the minimum amount required for a discount or promotion as well as any items being returned that would make a package deal incomplete. In this situation the difference of the discounted item cost and regular retail price of the items or services will be deducted from the returned items refund amount. The product must be unopened and/or unused. A return authorization number (RA#) must be obtained prior to any customer sending back an item for a refund (less original S&H charges and restocking fee). In the event an item is damaged during transit, we will replace the item (if we have more in stock) or refund you the cost of the item, whichever you prefer. DO NOT RETURN DAMAGED ITEMS TO US WITHOUT CONTACTING US FIRST! Our shipping carrier requests that damaged items be picked up from the receiver and the proper claim filed. If you need to return an item please contact us. Be sure to put "RA Number" in the subject line of your email. Please describe the item and the reason you are returning it along with the customers name, order number, and any other important details. We will respond with all the information necessary to return your item.
IMPORTANT: Any merchandise returned to GSS without an RMA number will not be opened or processed. GSS is not responsible for any unauthorized return packages.
Our restocking fee is 15% or $15 per item - whichever is more, that is applied to all returns including any items returned due to sizing issues. If you are unsure about the correct size of an item, please review our SIZING section located in our F.A.Q. page or contact one of our product experts.
Due to the automated ordering system that we use, once an order has been completed we cannot make any adjustments to the order. This includes anything related to billing or shipping, as well as items within the order. Please review all of the items in your cart thoroughly for accuracy before submitting.
You may cancel any order you have placed with us, but you must contact us by telephone or Live Chat before your order has been processed. If the order has been processed, you will have to wait for the item to arrive to its destination, obtain an RA# from us and then return it for a refund. When this happens, you will not be refunded S&H costs either way.
After we receive the package containing your returned item the return will be processed within 5 business days. Once the return process has been completed it can take approximately 3-10 business days for the refund to be reflected on your account. This timeframe can vary from bank to bank, or card company to card company.

Placing orders

If at any point during checkout you have trouble, please contact our customer service department via telephone at 540-443-6667, M-F, 9:00am to 5:00pm or via email through the link below. Any one of our knowledgeable staff will be thrilled to help you pick out exactly what you need to have a great time on the slopes this season!
You may only redeem one (1) coupon code per order. Order totals must be above the minimum amount before shipping costs are applied. To apply your coupon code add all desired items to your cart and click the red "checkout" button located at the bottom of your cart. At the bottom of the checkout screen there is a "Coupon Code / Promotional Code" section. Enter the coupon code you wish to redeem and click apply. If entered correctly the discount will be shown at the top of the page in the shopping cart. If you have troubles using any of the following coupons, please call us at 540-443-6667. You can also contact us via LIVE CHAT! will never at any point in time sell or give away any of the information you provide to us for any reason with anyone. We take our customers privacy and security very seriously and use secure channels to ensure your utmost safety when shopping with us online.

Product info


  • Ski Bindings - Most alpine downhill ski bindings will fit most alpine downhill ski boots. On certain brands of used skis with adjustable bindings, the track will only adjust to fit adult US size 4 to 13. Other brands that have adjustable toe pieces will accommodate boots sizes larger than US 13. If you are unsure please consult with one of our gear experts before ordering to ensure compatibility.
  • Binding Setup - does NOT offer binding release checks or setups. We can verify that the boots you intend on using will physically fit within the specified size range of the binding but that is all. Any used ski purchased needs to be taken to a professional ski shop and be set up by a certified alpine binding technician. This will ensure that the bindings are set to your specifications and are operating safely within their intended parameters. Failure to have this check done prior to use and at least once per season thereafter can result in serious injury. Under no circumstances shall be liable for any direct, indirect, special, incidental or consequential damages due negligence in alpine ski binding setup or failure to have this service performed by a certified technician.
  • Snowboard Bindings - Adult strap-in snowboard boots are compatible with adult strap-in bindings. Strap-In bindings do have sizes and will accommodate a range of boots. Junior bindings will usually accommodate junior boots up to a size 5. Adult small will usually accommodate boots from size 6 to 8. Adult Medium bindings will accommodate 7 to 9. Adult Large will usually accommodate 10 to 12. An adult XL bindings is recommended for boot sizes 13 and over and sometimes even 12 and over. Please keep in mind that sizes and boot profiles vary from brand to brand. Step-in bindings only fit specific step in system boots.
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    If your question doesn't fall into any of our preselected categories you can email us here. You can also contact us by phone at 540-443-6667, but please be aware that during our peak season all of our operators are frequently on the line with customers which can cause above average wait times. We suggest you contact us via email or Live Chat so that we can assist you in a faster, more efficient manner.