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New Scott Aura Goggles

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New Scott Aura Goggles

MSRP: $100.00
Sale: $39.99
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Condition: NEW

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Manufacturer: Scott
Model: Aura
Color: Assorted
Age group: Adult Women

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The Scott Aura goggles are women's specific, spherical lens goggles. The women's specificity has to do with the shape and size of the frame, which is smaller in both the 'width' and 'length' dimensions (if you take the goggles to be generally a rectangle) so that they fit more comfortably on smaller faces than men's or unisex goggles. The low bulk frame allows the goggles to be even smaller, since pretty much the entire face of the goggle is taken up by the lens (and not the plastic frame). Spherical lenses are preferred lens shape because they minimize distortion and maximize viewing angle..and at this price, we think you'd agree.

No Fog(tm) treatment: This lens has been treated to reduce or eliminate the chance of them fogging up from a build up of moisture.

Helmet compatible: The strap is longer to fit around helmets, as well as hats, without stretching it to the max. Helmet compatible goggles also try to place the adjustment clips off center to not interfere with goggle clips that are on the back of most helmets. The shape of the frame also sits well with most brands of helmets.

Soft Face Foam: Soft, hypoallergenic foam is used for all the foam that contacts the face. This foam helps create a seal to keep the elements in their place.

Spherical OptiView Double Lens: The most popular (and usually expensive) type of lens is a spherical lens. Spherical lenses give the widest range of vision, as well as minimize glare and optical distortion.

ACS Ventilation System: Cutouts in the frame and lens are filled with foam to allow air to circulate throughout the goggle, which helps prevent fogging and moisture buildup.

100% UVA/UVB Radiation Protection: Optically engineered to screen out 100% of harmful UVA/UVB rays, so you can ski in the bright sun all day without frying your eyes!

Low Profile Frame: The frame of these goggles has very thin edges, so the overall size of the goggles is smaller than average without sacrificing any lens area.

Amplifier Lens: The patented Amplifier Lens increases clarity, contrast, and definition through a sophisticated light transmission process that matches the optimum absorption wavelengths of the eye.
Translation? The amplifier lens are designed to be used in all conditions, if you want a sunlight specific lens look for a chrome lens, if you want a lens that does better in cloudy or night conditions find a goggle with clear, night, or light amplifier lens.

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New Scott Aura Goggles