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New Marker Squire 11 2013 Ski Bindings

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New Marker Squire 11 2013 Ski Bindings

MSRP: $279.99
Sale: $174.99
Condition: NEW

Manufacturer: Marker
Model: Squire 11
Color: White Blue Green
DIN: 3-11

Size Chart
It's named the Squire, but it will make you king of the mountain.

You like it in the bumps, you're fond of steep faces, you adore the trees, you enjoy the park every once in a while, and you love the powderórepeat: you love the powder. The versatile Marker Squire Binding is a hard-driving, lightweight thing of beauty that offers powerful and smooth energy transmission from your boot to your ski no matter what kind of terrain you've chosen for this particular run.

A Triple Pivot Light toe keeps the weight down but holds on with tenacity, just like the beefier Marker models in the Royal Family. The Squire's gliding AFD (anti-friction device) allows for safety and precision that is unhindered by dirt, snow, and ice buildup, while the Hollow Linkage Reel two-piece TwinCam heel allows for smooth, easy entry, even in snowy conditions. With a mid-range DIN of 3 to 11, the Squire is the crowd-pleaser of the Royal Family.

3-11 DIN range Stainless steel AFD gliding plate Triple Pivot Light toe system Hollow Linkage Heel

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New Marker Squire 11 2013 Ski Bindings