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New Head Adapt Edge 125 2016 Men's Ski Boots

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New Head Adapt Edge 125 2016 Men's Ski Boots

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The Head Adapt Edge 125 is a great ski boot for advanced to expert skiers that have a medium width foot shape and medium to wide leg shapes. The shape, flex, and cuff volume of the Adapt Edge 125 make this a perfect ski boot for larger or heavier skiers that are even athletic beginners or mellow intermediates. Head's Adaptive Fit Technology allows you to expand the actual shell of the boot with the turn of an allen key located on the sole of the boot. The extra two millimeters may not sound like a lot, but when your foot slides into the expanded shell you will notice a huge difference. The Adapt Edge 125 has Spine Tech Buckles that are made from durable alloy, are flexible to give you a snug wrap across the foot. Head's Perfect Liner is fully customizable once a ski shop places the boot into a special oven for five minutes and on your foot for ten minutes. The Adapt Edge Boots are made with an Allride Balance that has a more upright cuff that allows you to use less energy and have more control while turning modern rockered skis. A Tri-Injected Frame uses three different plastics that give you a great wrap around your foot, enter the boot easily, all while having a powerful amount of energy transmission.

Adaptive Fit Technology Perfect Fit Liner Spine Tech Buckles Allride Balance Tri-Injected Energy Frame Best Fits Medium Foot Shapes and Medium to Wide Leg Shapes Great for Bigger or Heavier Skiers

Skill Range: Advanced-Pro


Ski Boot Specifications Ski Gear Intended Use: All Mountain Forefoot Width: 100-102mm (Adaptive Fit Technology) Actual Flex: 125 Flex Adjustment: Yes Buckle Count: 4 Cuff Alignment: Dual Ski/Walk: No Skill Range: Advanced-Pro Model Year: 2016

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New Head Adapt Edge 125 2016 Men's Ski Boots

Size Chart

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  J6 13
  J7 14
  J8 15
  J9 16
  J10 17
  J11 17.5
  J12 18.5
  J13 19.5
  J13.5 20
  Y1 20.5
  Y2 21
  Y3 21.5
W5 Y4 22
W5.5 Y4.5 22.5
W6 Y5 23
W6.5 M5.5 23.5
W7 M6 24
W7.5 M6.5 24.5
W8 M7 25
W8.5 M7.5 25.5
W9 M8 26
W9.5 M8.5 26.5
W10 M9 27
W10.5 M9.5 27.5
W11 M10 28
W11.5 M10.5 28.5
W12 M11 29
  M11.5 29.5
  M12 30
  M12.5 30.5
  M13 31
  M13.5 31.5
  M14 32
  M14.5 32.5
  M15 33
  M15.5 33.5
  M16 34