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Sample 2012 Atomic Crimson Ti Skis Orange

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Sample 2012 Atomic Crimson Ti Skis Orange

MSRP: $1,199.00
Sale: $634.99
Condition: NEW

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This item is classified "SAMPLE" due to the fact that it was a display item that was handled and moved around but never actually used on a ski slope. Things you may see on the item are minor scratches and slight rust build up on the edges due to the moisture in the air.

Lift in powder snow, optimum edge grip on hard terrain: the Crimson Ti is a reliable all-round ski for any terrain.

Bring it on: on soft ground the Adaptive Rocker and generous 88 mm waist width ensure good shovel lift. On the slope this ski pulls out all the stops: two titanium layers and a Step Down sidewall construction ensure direct power transmission the ski aids every manoeuvre with maximum stability and precise edge grip. The tip-to-tail wood core absorbs shocks and helps to deliver consistently excellent performance year after year. The Crimson Ti is ideal for performance-driven skiers who enjoy on-piste skiing but who also like to be well equipped for powder adventures.

- Terrain: All Mountain
- Tech // Adaptive Rocker: Slight rise of the tip when the ski is weighted. Easy turning, no edge catching and additional lift in soft snow
- Chassis: Protrak
- Tip to tail woodcore
- 2 layer Titanium

Comes with XTO 12 OME DIN:4-12 Bindings

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Sample 2012 Atomic Crimson Ti Skis Orange