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Used 2011 Nordica Hot Rod 90W Ski Boots

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Used 2011 Nordica Hot Rod 90W Ski Boots

MSRP: $449.00
Sale: $179.99
Condition: Used

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Manufacturer: Nordica
Model: Hot Rod 90W
Flex: 90
Color: White Red
Gender: women

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The women's Nordica Hot Rod 9.0 ski boots let you enjoy run after run all over the mountain thanks to their versatile design and soft cushioning.

* Dual-density plastic maximizes ease of entry regardless of temperature; even if you have high insteps, getting your foot in the boot is hassle free
* As compared to men's liners, women-specific liners feature extra padding in the tongue, more insulation throughout and a contoured top edge designed to fit women's calves
* Liners wrap the feet in cushioning foam and warm faux fur; closed-cell foam against the shells enhances warmth
* Additional padding in the tongues and cuffs absorbs shock and damps vibrations, making your ride smooth and easy
* Liners provide a personalized fit when custom molded
* Built into the shell, a shock-absorbent wedge provides superb vibration damping while stomping big-air landings
* Shock-absorbent toe boxes pad the front of your feet, reducing painful toe bang
* Footbeds optimize foot position and offer easy support for comfortable wear all day long
* Offering a comfortable fit from your instep to your calf, 4 microadjustable buckles precisely dial in the pressure
* Top buckles make it easy to engage and close the top portion of the boot: a sliding cam shifts the point of leverage while closing the buckle, reducing effort
* 40mm cuff strap acts as a fifth buckle, allowing you to set the firmness around the upper ankle to favor comfort or performance
* Top of the boot a little tight? Cuffs feature an adjustable hex nut that increases the circumference of the top of the boot by 3 - 5mm
* Double canting adjusts the cuffs to fit the angles of your lower legs and offers a versatile range of adjustment
* Flex adjustment on spine decreases flex index by 10 if desired
* Nordica Hot Rod 9.0 ski boots have a flex index of 80 - 90, providing the responsive power transfer preferred by aggressive, expert skiers

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Used 2011 Nordica Hot Rod 90W Ski Boots
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