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Used 2011 Dalbello Viper Vp10 Ski Boots

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Used 2011 Dalbello Viper Vp10 Ski Boots

MSRP: $550.00
Sale: $159.99
Condition: Used

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Manufacturer: Dalbello
Model: Vaper VP10
Flex: 100
Color: Red Black
Gender: men

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If you're looking for a comparison, the Dalbello Viper 10 Ski Boots are identical to the Viper Surge in fit and performance features, just a bit softer. An ideal choice for budget-minded intermediate and advanced skiers looking to step their game up and rip harder this winter, the Viper 10 is rocking a flex index of 100 which puts it right in the middle of the new Viper series - not too stiff and not too soft. Along with a transparent polyurethane shell, there's a TruFit Performer inner boot that can be worn right out of the box or custom thermo fit at your ski shop.
Contour 4 Fit Concept - Anatomical shell relief points & innovative innerboot construction maps and shapes the contours of the foot to accommodate 4 critical points: ankle, heel, 5th metatarsal & navicular. Relief contours molded into the inside lower shell at these 4 points provide a close and accurate fit and minimize the need for shell modifications.
100 mm Forefoot Width - NEW! Based on Scorpion's last shape, Viper/Mantis lasts combine a wider, relaxed fit, with an asymmetric toe box for versatile fitting.
Height adjustable cuff spoiler
Trufit Custom System - Dalbello's Trufit Custom Fit System is the industry benchmark in custom fit innerboot technology. Trufit innerboots are engineered to fit skiers' feet precisely and comfortably right out of the box. The innerboots may also be custom heat formed using a quick and easy heat molding procedure performed in the ski shop.
Shell Materials
3D Power Frame Architecture - Tri-injection technology bonds 3 different density polymers into one structure which provides for easy on/off functionality, precise foot wrapping and lift, and enhanced power transfer.
Overlap design - PE transparent shell/P.U. cuff
Shaft Alignment - The lateral orientation of the cuff in relation to the lower shell can be angled to match the angle of the skierís lower leg when standing.
Center Balanced Stance - Enhances the skier's natural and intuitive responses, providing more controlled and more efficient skiing movement patterns
F-700 aluminum-4 microadjustable
Power Strap
45 mm powerstrap

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Used 2011 Dalbello Viper Vp10 Ski Boots
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